Ideas referred to Trustee Board

Here is where the Ideas are if the SUC have referred the Idea to the Trustee Board. If the SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further because of a financial, legal, reputational or ethical risk to the RSU, it will refer the Idea to the Trustee Board.


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Lewis Harper
5:36pm on 26 Oct 16 Top idea! Includes participation for off campus students and saves stress for having to queue up to reduce congestion in the court yard
Nicholas Daniel-Jordan Kituno
7:04pm on 4 Nov 16 I'd like to add to this idea. I think that tickets should be sold online by the RSU, but also with a marketplace concept. For instance, if you have bought a ticket online but are unable to attend it because of other certain circumstances, then there should be the ability to sell it in the same capacity. It saves time, having to constantly message people, and would be a much more efficient way of accessing RSU events.
Jessica Leigh Warren
1:33pm on 10 Nov 16 This is such a great idea! It gives EVERYONE the chance to get tickets and cuts the time spent queuing for tickets! This would be great for Summer Ball tickets too!! ????????