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Here is where the Ideas are if the SUC have referred the Idea to the Trustee Board. If the SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further because of a financial, legal, reputational or ethical risk to the RSU, it will refer the Idea to the Trustee Board.


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    Extend the 24hr Library!

      With deadlines and dissertations getting extremely stressful this month, its an honest shock to me that the library will stop being open 24hrs on the 29th March! During the day the library gets so loud that its hard to study so 24hr library is ideal for this time of year. For a lot of students in Roehampton it is a struggle to study during the day as they are at work so much and its only possible for them to study later in the evening. If you're a 2nd or 3rd year student would you not want the library to be 24hr this time next year? Or the year after? Please vote on this idea so that we might all have the time and resources to complete our work on time.
    Veronica Maria Maddalena Tebano
    6:37pm on 27 Mar 18 Almost all dissertations are due in April. It does not make sense for the library to stop being 24 hours a month before the deadline? It's ridiculous enough that the library is used as more of a housing for social gatherings. Why make the people who actually want to study suffer by only being allowed to use the library at it peak social times? Side note: Good idea to have different volume allowed on each level. Bad idea having a massive staircase connecting all floors. Leaving nothing to keep the noise to its allowed floor :)
    Megan Sinead Taylor
    4:18pm on 29 Mar 18 I put this through about a month ago, it got over 100 up votes meaning it was meant to be discussed, we are being ignored by the university and we need to do something about this as we desperately need it open 24 hours! Happy to meet with you to see what we can do to actually get our voices herd x
    Georgina Jane Armstrong
    11:09am on 2 Apr 18 I really really hope that this can get resolved quickly. Take this weekend, for example, I understand that it is Easter weekend but for the library to shut at 7 pm for four days has been really taxing on my assignment that is due on Tuesday 3rd. Not only that but the cafe has had little to no food when it's open and the majority of the times I went down this weekend it was shut! As someone who works better in the late afternoon/evenings, it's really stressful knowing that I really struggle to study anywhere but the library, especially as my available study time, has been cut down so much due to the library's uncompromising hours.