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Here is where the Ideas are if the SUC have referred the Idea to the Trustee Board. If the SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further because of a financial, legal, reputational or ethical risk to the RSU, it will refer the Idea to the Trustee Board.


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    All Programmes should have Recorded Lectures!

      This year, the Business School is going through a trial of lecture capture (recorded lectures), meaning that your lecture will be recorded with your lecturers voice over the PowerPoint and put on Moodle. The entire lecture or parts can be recorded. This is so great for students for so many reasons! For example, students can use this as a revision tool, if you miss a lecture for whatever reason you do not have to miss out on the learning (for example, students with children or different situations that prevent them from always being able to attend lectures). Additionally, the funding that was previously granted to students with disabilities (DSA) from the Government is gone. This means that for students needing for example a note taker, this will no longer be provided. This makes lecture capture key in many students' success at University, their ability to perform to their maximum capacity alongside participating in class. Vote this up to show your department and the University how important this is to you as a student!
    Joy Hughes
    2:50pm on 3 Nov 16 This would be really useful and wouldn't take that much to implement.