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The Students’ Union is here to promote and address issues that affect you at Roehampton University. We are student-led, run by elected sabbatical officers and informed by your feedback.  

We therefore require your ideas and feedback to direct what campaigns are run and how they can improve your university experience.  

An idea can be anything from new university bus routes, to new relaxation spaces on campus, to how to improve student support during exam periods.  

If you have an idea for change, you can start a campaign process by letting the President’s Committee know. You will need to do this here:

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Do you have an idea or proposal on how RSU could better support students?

RSU is run for the students, by the students.

As a student at Roehampton, you have the chance to shape RSU policy. All you have to do is submit your idea below, outling a particular issue and the change you want to see. 

Once submitted, you have two weeks to get 1% of the student population to vote. Over 50% of votes must be in favour of the idea. Once this threshold is reached, SU Council will review the idea and vote on it to become RSU Council policy. If the threshold is not reached, our RSU Officer team can still decide to take the idea to RSU Council. 

You can also comment on active ideas - inputting your ideas, suggestions, and experiences which can shape our policies. These policies then shape the work that the RSU Officers do and defines the RSU's stance on issues affecting Roehampton students.

Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

Deadline to submit an Idea (to be discussed for the next meeting of SU Council):

31 Mar 2023 17:00

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    Study area in Whitelands college!

      Dear all, I would like to propose an addition of study space/room to Whitelands college. The Parkstead House building currently has a computer room, which unfortunately does not satisfy everyone. Students in different year groups, have varying learning style. Effectively, students in year 1 or 2 would like to have group study sessions in between their lecture times, while year 3 or mature students may prefer a more quite and focusing area. Besides, students have to travel or walk to the main campus in order to access the library. However, for some of us walking half an hour to and back from the main campus does not sound as convenient. Additionally, moving forward the weather tends to get colder, which subsequently makes it more rough. Therefore, I believe renovating or facilitating one or two other rooms into study space, and additional of more sofa booths, which can be used for group studies will resolve the issue.
    Kala Tamang
    6:06pm on 13 Oct 22 I agree. While I generally don’t mind the walk, the weather is getting colder which makes it way more difficult, having to commute in between sessions in the cold just to find an appropriate place to study.
    Robert Charles Walton Asbury
    6:16pm on 13 Oct 22 I agree. Also consideration to a more relaxed social area with sofas etc or change the seating in 1 of the cafe areas where the seating is more formal. Finally someone to organise social events to help integrate the students in Whitelands more. There is very little social interaction between courses.
    Rupanpreet Kaur -
    6:25pm on 13 Oct 22 I completely agree. Study space would be great as we have lods of free time in between lectures. With this approach we can have better access on our studies in groups or individually. Also reading material related to course would also be helpful.
    Fahad Ahmed
    6:59pm on 13 Oct 22 Having a study space in Whitelands is a must. 100% supporting this idea.
    Joel Ebenezer Job
    7:04pm on 13 Oct 22 Great intitation to get this idea out and you've my support for it. I'd encourage anyone reading this to take a minute to drop your comments here as it'll put this one step closer to becoming a reality. Thanks.
    Furkhunda Abdul Khaliq
    6:45pm on 14 Oct 22 Having a quiet study space in Whitelands campus is necessary for us so I 100% support this idea.
    Annabel Terri Hann
    6:58pm on 14 Oct 22 A great idea - the computer room downstairs is nice but not appropriate to have group study sessions and is also extremely hot all of the time! An informal social area would also be lovely. Well done Yasamin!
    Jemma Louise Jessup
    8:45am on 20 Oct 22 Couldn't agree more! Whilst the Manresa hall is lovely, its noise level, lack of free desk space (nearly every desk has a computer on it) and the resident pigeon - Which security care little to do about! makes it difficult to use as a quiet study space. Having a designated quiet study space, with empty desks for personal study is exactly what Whitelands needs!!
    Abdulrhman Khaled Rasoul
    12:37pm on 26 Oct 22 Good Idea

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