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The Students’ Union is here to promote and address issues that affect you at Roehampton University. We are student-led, run by elected sabbatical officers and informed by your feedback.  

We therefore require your ideas and feedback to direct what campaigns are run and how they can improve your university experience.  

An idea can be anything from new university bus routes, to new relaxation spaces on campus, to how to improve student support during exam periods.  

If you have an idea for change, you can start a campaign process by letting the President’s Committee know. You will need to do this here:

Idea submission - Presidents' Committee






Do you have an idea or proposal on how RSU could better support students?

RSU is run for the students, by the students.

As a student at Roehampton, you have the chance to shape RSU policy. All you have to do is submit your idea below, outling a particular issue and the change you want to see. 

Once submitted, you have two weeks to get 1% of the student population to vote. Over 50% of votes must be in favour of the idea. Once this threshold is reached, SU Council will review the idea and vote on it to become RSU Council policy. If the threshold is not reached, our RSU Officer team can still decide to take the idea to RSU Council. 

You can also comment on active ideas - inputting your ideas, suggestions, and experiences which can shape our policies. These policies then shape the work that the RSU Officers do and defines the RSU's stance on issues affecting Roehampton students.

Once Policy, the RSU will campaign, lobby and if we can, enact your idea, to try to improve student life here at Roehampton.

Deadline to submit an Idea (to be discussed for the next meeting of SU Council):

31 Mar 2023 17:00

Watch the video to find out how the Ideas page works! 


So, what are you waiting for? 

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    No More Other! Update the Gender and Sexuality Sections of the Enrolment Form!

      Hello, everyone! The Mental Health Officer and I (Gender Equality Officer) are proposing to change these sections because we believe it is outdated and can cause offence to members of the LGBTQIA2S+ community at Roehampton. The current University of Roehampton enrolment form’s gender section only has the options of Male, Female and Other and the enrolment’s sexuality orientation section only lists Bisexual, Gay Man, Gay Woman/Lesbian, Heterosexual, Other and Information Refused. We believe this to be extremely non-inclusive to people on the broader gender identity and sexuality spectrum, can cause offence and/or mental distress to people who have been excluded on the enrolment form, and it demoralises students when filling out the enrolment form, which could cause additional stresses if they are contemplating if they chose the right university. We believe the university should implement all known gender and sexuality orientations to the enrolment form or if they disagree to do that, the university should remove all the current genders and sexualities listed and implement a self-describe box, where students can describe their own identity or can state if they prefer to not say. In addition, the university of Roehampton should implement a title selection, so students can apply the title they would like to be identified as (for example, Mx). The university prides itself for being an inclusive place for everybody, however this is clearly disproven from the evidence presented and that the university has ignored the LGBTQIA2S+ students and should not force students who are still figuring out their identity to come out. We believe these changes will make students feel respected and listened to, if this is implemented. Thank you for reading and we hope you are having a lovely day!
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    After you've submitted your Idea, there will be a two-week period where students can vote on it.

    After this period, your Idea will be sorted into one of the below categories. You can click through to see other Ideas that have fallen into these categories.

    These are Ideas that have received enough votes to go to SUC. Since then, they have been passed and are now RSU policy. The RSU will campaign to implement these ideas on your behalf.

    These are Ideas that have been rejected by the Roehampton community. This is because they have either not receive enough votes in the two-week period, or more students voted against the idea than for it.

    These are Ideas that have been referred to the Trustee Board by SUC. The will be because SUC feels the Idea needs to be scrutinised further due to financial, legal or ethical risk, or if it puts the reputation of the RSU in jeopardy.

    These are Ideas that have not recieved the 1% vote of the student population within two weeks of being submitted Ideas that did not get enough votes cannot be resubmitted until the new term.