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    UoR Free Bus Route

      I want to propose that the free bus service that is run for Roehampton students and staff from campus to Barnes Station should also include Putney station and ASDA in the route. This will be beneficial for not only the commuting students but also the students living on campus as they could use the free bus service to visit ASDA for grocery shopping. In addition, to travel to most of the locations, there is better connectivity from Putney station than the Barnes station.
    Debora Viguini Couto
    7:50pm on 6 Mar 22 I agree! The current route is Barnes>Wimbledon and there’s no need to go so far when all we need is just to go ASDA, Barnes station and Putney pier.
    Eleon Godric Dorian Clark
    1:35pm on 7 Mar 22 That sounds like a great idea for students on campus and off; I hope this gets picked up!
    Nicole Denton
    10:26pm on 8 Mar 22 I think this is a good idea as most students I know shop at Asda and take the stations at Putney and Barnes.
    Gema Luque Higueras
    12:23pm on 10 Mar 22 Fully support this idea as I always need to get a bus from Putney to get to university.
    Sydney Nicole Roberts
    8:57am on 14 Mar 22 I think this would be a great idea, access to Putney also provides for easier transportation to off campus school events like field trips!
    Soroush Karimaghaei
    8:07am on 16 Mar 22 There is no point that for the bus to go to Wimbledon when Putney is closer
    Elaine Carvalho
    4pm on 16 Mar 22 Yes Yes yes fully support this
    Prajna Mohan Jois
    9:09am on 17 Mar 22 This is a wonderful proposition! Fully support it!
    Lynsey Cowlishaw
    2:29pm on 18 Mar 22 Great idea!
    Jameel Karim Aumeer
    2:30pm on 18 Mar 22 Great idea, this would make it much easier for current students and especially freshers next year who aren't as familiar with the area
    Aleksandra Julia Siuda
    2:31pm on 18 Mar 22 Love this idea!
    Fahad Ahmed
    2:36pm on 18 Mar 22 1000%
    Lynnette Wahome
    2:42pm on 18 Mar 22 I agree!!
    Anika Limbachia
    3:34pm on 18 Mar 22 100%
    Farjana Yasmin Begum
    3:37pm on 18 Mar 22 I support it 100%. Thanks for proposing the idea
    Mia Golding
    4:31pm on 18 Mar 22 This is what I've been wanting and needing the whole time I've been at uni. It would be so helpful and beneficial.
    Pauline Rolland
    4:44pm on 18 Mar 22 Yesssss please! 100%!
    Orla Molly O'Flynn
    7:24pm on 18 Mar 22 100% support this
    Niall Brennan
    7:44pm on 18 Mar 22 Yes this is needed!!
    Tea Sian Cooke
    7:47pm on 18 Mar 22 Yes! Love this idea! 1000%
    Sophia Quinn Noelle Cathcart
    7:56pm on 18 Mar 22 Great Idea.
    Chloe Hartfield
    7:59pm on 18 Mar 22 This is a great idea!
    Stefan Stepic
    8:24pm on 18 Mar 22 This is something everyone needs. Putney Pier - Barnes - Uni - ASDA
    Niamh Pearl Munnelly
    9:05pm on 18 Mar 22 Definitely!! Great idea
    Verity Josephine Garside
    9:29pm on 18 Mar 22 Yes please. This would make travelling so much easier. 1000000% yes!!!!

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