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    Are CCLs necessary for community improvements?

      The College Community Leader (CCL) project initially began in Southlands College, and this year collaborated with Digby Stuart College with plans to involve themselves with all four colleges be the end of the academic year. ---------- The student voice has spoken of their concern and distaste for the CCL project, stating that it only engages a very limited section of the student community, uses money inefficiently, serves to undermine democratically elected student leaders, creating a sense of tension and friction between the student body and the CCL workforce. ---------- By expanding the CCL project, it is likely that well established College events (such as formal dinners and Christmas events) will suffer, due to funding being spent on alternative means. Additionally, we believe that students should not be paid to be 'leaders' but instead this should be done through merit and community engagement. Monetary incentive should be spent on students who have already shown commitment to their college. Overall, the CCL project has proven to not answer the requests of the students, but instead put money that should be spent on cultivating a community into the pockets of a very few select students and staff members. ---------- We would like to propose an emergency SUC meeting to hold an SUC vote so that the student body may stand under one voice and opinion on the matter of CCLs. The vote will be for the following three options: 1 - The CCL programme expansion carries on as intended 2 - The CCL programme expansion is halted, but continues to operate in the colleges that it has already been established within 3 - The CCL programme is replaced for a more community inclusive structure that places student leadership under the direct control of the Heads of College, CLDOs/CEAOs and Elected College Officers, allowing colleges to differentiate on their own values ---------- Thank you for reading our idea on how to improve the Roehampton Community. By 'up-voting' this idea, this will help trigger a response from the university administration. ---------- Kind regards, The Froebel College Officer Team
    Fabian Ivo Jasonson
    1:38pm on 26 Apr 21 An excellent idea. The students must have a say in proposals that effect their college life in such a concerning manner.
    Elyse Xanthe Giddens
    2pm on 26 Apr 21 A fantastic idea! The student voice must be heard when it affects college life!
    William Robert Johnston
    2pm on 26 Apr 21 Very good idea, as the students are the top priority they should have their opinions heard and resources should be spent where students feel it is most needed
    Megan Bright
    2:22pm on 26 Apr 21 Totally agree! The uni should be fairly listening to the student voices and improving college life.
    Orla Molly O'Flynn
    3:10pm on 26 Apr 21 I would like to add that the students who are CCL’s are wonderful, and this is no wrongdoing on their part. The work they have done is appreciated, however the management has failed to find a balance here. Just want those students to know that we support them and appreciate what they have done under the circumstances.
    Danielle Nicola Chegwidden
    12:03am on 27 Apr 21 This vote will help reinstate our inclusive community by promoting cohesion and transparency finally!
    Sophie Gidman
    12:09am on 27 Apr 21 When you come into a role within the university, you know the commitment you are signing up for. I don’t feel a monetary reward is appropriate, and should be better used for other college events that the freshers and students can enjoy.
    Jack Nathanael Johansen-Allison
    11:23am on 27 Apr 21 Brilliant idea, students need to be hear!
    Sholake Kehinde Olowu
    11:33am on 27 Apr 21 Great idea all for this ????
    Jennifer Kathleen Toulson
    12:16pm on 27 Apr 21 Student voice is so important, this is an amazing idea!!
    Koran David Connor Morrison
    1:21pm on 27 Apr 21 All for it!
    Ikra Thakkar
    3:52pm on 27 Apr 21 The idea is actually brilliant to bring all the colleges together and the events sound exciting.

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