BAME Ambassadors

This is an exciting initiative for BAME students here at the University of Roehampton. 

It's an opportunity for you to get more involved with the RSU and to help improve and shape the BAME university experience.

As a BAME ambassador, you will act as a student representative for your department, whilst working closely with the student engagement team to implement the findings of the RAFA2 Project, which is focused on closing the BAME attainment gap

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The BAME Ambassadors for this academic year are;

Ekene Moses - Business

Email Me:


Hello mate, Amb. Ekene Moses here, from Nigeria. I am currently doing my undergraduate program in Business Management, and one of the students BAME Ambassadors representing the University of Roehampton Business School.


Outside studies, I work in an SME property management company in Southeast London as a trainee manager - a role that has given me the opportunity to explore all parts of the city and different cultures and people that she inhibits.


I have held similar positions in the past as a part of students' representative to implement and achieve a common general wellbeing of all students back home in Nigeria. And my university life that started in Nigeria, part in Spain, and now in the UK - in which I did three different courses, I would say has also helped to enhance my learning awareness, resilience, and ability to work with people of different cultures and academic backgrounds.


In addition, I am very passionate about management, innovations, and strategy as a whole - and would like to pursue a career in 'Operations, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management' after studies.


Should you desire to get to know more about me, or the role, and/or to contribute or state a concern, please do not hesitate to get in touch as I will be looking forward to connecting with you

Thapelo Moloantoa - Business

Email Me:


Hello everyone.


I am Thapelo Moloantoa - a student passionate about digital media transformation, especially in sport.


- Originally from South Africa, where I was, from a young age influenced by race politics

- Passionate about politics and digital sports media.

- Would like to play part in the- Passionate about politics and digital sports media transformation of racial representation at Roehampton.

- Statistics confirm that only 2% of key positions in the UK are occupied by people from BAME background.

- Childhood experience in SA motivates me to become part of a team that seeks to transform the experience of BAME students and staff at Roehampton

Tracy Wong – Psychology

Email Me:


Hi, everyone!


I am Tracy Wong, the BAME Ambassador for the Psychology Department at Roehampton University. I am an international student from Hong Kong. I am doing the Master art psychotherapy. Currently I am trainee Art Therapist at secondary school setting.


In my spare time, I usually do painting. I want to use art to explore perspectives of different people, and to share my love of art and enjoyment with others.



In my career path, I am ambitious to work with the powerless people in the society, as they are the last, the least or even the lost. I would like to be an BAME ambassador to enhance BAME student’s academic attainment. I also want to address BAME students difficult and to make theirs voice heard.


If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Get in touch!

Yasmin Qassim – Psychology

Email Me:


My name is Yasmin, I am currently one of the BAME Ambassadors for the psychology department at Roehampton. At the moment I am in the final year of my psychology degree. In addition to my role as ambassador and being a student, I partake in some volunteering opportunities to help others and gain experience.


I am a keen on starting political conversations and discussing subjects that I feel need to be brought up within our current society. I speak for what I believe is right but am very much open to other perspectives.


I hope to be a voice for BAME members at the University of Roehampton and help diminish the attainment and university experience gaps experienced by both BAME students and staff.


I am always available to talk and if not me one of the other Ambassadors will gladly listen. Do not hesitate to get in contact with me about anything you feel you want to discuss.

Faye Nimoh – Social Sciences

Email Me:


Hello, my name is Miss Faye Nimoh and I am your Social Sciences BAME Ambassador of Roehampton.


I’m originally from Ghana but I was born and raised in London, UK.


I am currently writing my Law LLB to equip for any profession that I feel fit for my career.


I am a heavy advocate for knowing where you came from, knowing who you are and knowing where you want to go.


I also carry heavy passion for the youth and they are the underlying motivation for everything I do.


I have gained a wide variety of experience over various fields from creative arts, to sports, to the corporate world.


I love anything and everything that involves the well-being and development of young people.



Fun fact: I have never been to a gym before and I have rat phobia.


Kindly don’t hesitate to get in contact with me, my department partner or any of the other BAME Ambassadors if you have any ideas, concerns and any enquiry in regards to your social and educative wellbeing. I am always here to help.

Natra Ramsay – Social Sciences

Email Me:


Hello, my name is Natra and I am your Social Sciences BAME Ambassador of Roehampton.


Prior to joining Roehampton, I worked in the financial services sector specifically in corporate services. I am now currently studying my masters in Global Business Management.


With a passion for empowering students, I created the BAME society at university with the aim of creating a safe space for students, highlighting their achievements, providing career opportunities and to spread awareness about different issues that these ethnic groups may face.


I have a passion for pushing for equality especially in education. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures and tasting foods for all over the world.


Please get in contact with me or any of the other BAME Ambassadors, if you need any help or simply want to have a chat!

Eleanor Rai-Johnson - Humanities

Imade Osarumwense - Education

Email Me:


Hi there, my name is Imade Osarumwense from Nigeria and I am the Education BAME Ambassador of Roehampton.


I have worked as a director of a school network back in Nigeria. I am currently doing a Masters in Education Leadership and Management to further equip myself as I enter into the world of education.


I am a big believer in doing more and helping those around me. That's why I have engaged in volunteering activities such as the Enactus and supporting people especially children, back home in Nigeria.


I am a massive lover of dogs with two Lhasa Apsos: Bailey and Rum (don’t infer too much from the names ). I love debate shows and trashy reality shows over the weekends.


Please contact me or any of the other BAME Ambassadors if you have any ideas, struggles, or just need someone to lend an ear. Looking forward to hearing from you

Cinthia Duran Larrea - Arts

Email Me:


Hi, I am Cinthia Duran, the BAME Ambassador for the Arts Department at Roehampton University.


I am an international student from Ecuador currently completing the CHOREOMUNDUS International Master in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage, which Roehampton is a part of.


I am passionate about dance as a medium for social justice activism and I aspire to work at the intersection of Academia and Dance practice, actively engaging my work with critical theoretical frameworks, including decolonial, feminist, and critical race theory.


As an undergraduate student I worked closely with staff and students committed to promoting institutional and curriculum change to ensure a better educational experience for BAME students (BIPOC, in the US context).


For this reason, I am very enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with this necessary, impact-making work at Roehampton.