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SU Council 1, Round Up: 18th October 2022

A round up of Student Union Council 1 on 18th October 2022

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SU Council 1: 18th October 2022 

Here is an update on what happened at Student Union Council this month:


1. The Trans Students' Officer and Interfaith Officer positions are now open for applicants. These positions will be elected at the next meeting of SU Council on the 10th November. 


2. SU Council received an update about all the work done throughout Black History Month, and students are encouraged to get involved with the final few events `before the end of October 


3. Digby Stuart College President, Harvey Henson's proposal 'Ensure Campus is Accessible for All Students' passed unanimously

  • A student taskforce will now work to ensure the continued improvement of accessibility across campus, and are open to suggestions about inaccessible areas 


4. Officers were elected to multiple committee positions / roles: 

  • Southlands College President, Fahad Ahmed and Muslim Students' Officer, Sana Siddique elected to Student Executive Committee 

  • Gender Equality Officer, Lily Wells elected PTO Student Trustee 

  • RSU President, Harrison Cohen elected SU Council Vice-Chair