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Notice of By-Election – 2024/2025

RSU gives notice of the opening of the College Deputy President RSU Officer elections 2024-25.

In accordance with the Student Union’s governing documents, we hereby announce the notice for the RSU By-Elections of part-time College Deputy Presidents for the academic year 2024/25.  

Part-time College Deputy President roles:

  • Digby Stuart College President 

  • Froebel College President 

  • Southlands College President 

  • Whitelands College President 

The positions listed above are volunteer positions.  


Nominations Dates: 

Nominations open 11am Tuesday 16 April 2024 

Nominations close 11am Friday 26 April 2024 

Nomination eligibility: All Full Members of the Students’ Union who will also continue as a Full Member in the 2024/25 academic year are eligible to nominate themselves for a Part-time College Deputy President role. Additionally, candidates will need to self-define within the College that they are running.  

A Full member is:

  • Every current student enrolled at the University of Roehampton, who has not opted out of membership as outlined in the Union’s governing documents.  

  • The current Sabbatical Officers of the Students’ Union 

How to submit a nomination: Nomination packs and guidance will be made available from when nominations open. To submit a nomination, fill out a nomination form online at 

Campaigning: Candidates can only begin campaigning when they have successfully submitted their nomination. We advise candidates to focus campaigning efforts to voting week.  


Voting eligibility: All Full Members of the Students’ Union are eligible to participate in elections and referenda. 

Voting Dates: 

Voting opens 11am Tuesday 7 May 2024 

Voting closes 11am Thursday 9 May 2024 

For enquiries - please email