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Manifesto For Our Future Launch

The National Union of Students (NUS) have launched the Manifesto For Our Future, which has been curated over the last six months following events where students voices were represented by their Sabbatical Officer teams.

Over the last six months I have attended various National Union of Students (NUS) events alongside sabbatical officers from students' unions up and down the country, the purpose of these events was to help feed into and curate a Manifesto for our Future for the upcoming General Election that is due to take place any time before January 2025.

What is the Manifesto for Our Future?

More than 10,000 students and apprentices were consulted, from around 500 institutions including, universities, colleges and training providers.

Students are stuck in a vicious cycle of not having their basic needs met.

Students are just about surviving, let alone thriving!

  • The average student has 50p to live off per week after rent

  • 65% of students are cutting back on food because they can’t afford to eat

  • 46% of students’ mental health has worsened since September 2023;

The Manifesto for our Future makes five key asks for the next government:

  1. In the first 100 days: Break the student crisis cycle: Lift every student in the UK (United Kingdom) out of poverty and give us all hope for the future.

  2. Invest in a thriving future, invest in education: Education that is free at the point of use and funded sustainably and publicly.

  3. Homes for our futures: Quality, green and affordable housing for all. 

  4. A welcoming and inclusive future: The UK should be an amazing place for international students to work and study.

  5. A healthy future: High-quality healthcare available for free for every single person in the UK.

Read the Manifesto For Our Future Now

To help political parties understand how much influence you as students have it is beyond important that you are registered to vote. It only takes five minutes!

To place your vote on polling day you will need a valid photo ID as per the new laws. You can get a FREE CitizenCard voter ID (usually £15) thanks to NUS using the code ‘NUS’ at checkout.

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