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Laura's Term Two Update

Vice President Education, Laura Johnson, reports on the work she has done across Spring Term.

The sabbs, Amy, Sharon, and I, have held a few events for Women's History Month. The first of these events was Sip and Paint on International Women's Day, which was the 8 March. This event was thoroughly enjoyed by those present. The other event held was a movie night on 27 March, Legally Blonde was the movie chosen.

Increase the accessibility of education at Roehampton with the use of hybrid learning and up to date course resources being available on Moodle

I have lobbied the university for recorded lectures and in response to this they have trialed an opt out system in one school, this has been successful, and it is now expected to be rolled out across the university. 

Increase engagement with university services by ensuring Academic Reps are trained to actively signpost their peers

Since my last update, this objective has been quiet. The support services team have been asked to create a series of videos that can be used to assist reps in directing fellow students to the correct place. I am now going to ensure that reps are aware of where this information can be found

Implement a year-round training and support package for Reps

I have continued to run my drop in for Reps although attendance for this has dropped significantly since the Christmas holidays. I have also continued to make myself available to Reps if they need to talk to me outside of the drop-in sessions.

I hope everyone has a good Easter and has a chance to have a rest.