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Assistance Card Scheme

To pick up your card today, pop over to the RSU, the Union bar, or the Richardson building.

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Oli Ottaway, our VP of Community and Welfare, has recently implemented the Assistance Card Scheme at Roehampton.

The assistance cards are a continuation of the well-known “Ask for Angela” campaign, a method used by venues to promote safety from sexual assault by using a codeword to identify a dangerous/uncomfortable situation.  However, assistance cards have been found to be a much safer and more effective way of asking for help. 

This method involves giving a fake credit card to staff with emergency contact information and a subtle message, describing that they are uncomfortable/in danger. This will discreetly alert the staff to the situation and allow them to call for support. 

Assistance points:

If you or someone else requires support during a problematic situation, please give one of these cards to on-campus staff at the RSU, Hive, Union bar, security, or the bystanders.

What to do if you are presented with a card:

If you are shown one of these cards, it is essential that you take action by reading the back of the card to provide the appropriate support. You may have the option to delegate the situation to someone else by calling the person's emergency contact (located on the back) or you may need to take them to a safer place and/or alert the police to the issue. If you feel safe doing so, you might need to ask the perpetrator to leave the premises.

Important: Always put your safety first. If in doubt, delegate it out! 

Improve your active bystander skills:

We suggest completing the online active bystander training to increase your knowledge of the intervention methods and internal/external support resources available in the event of a problematic situation arising. You can access the training via this link: Active Bystander Training - Oppia

To pick up your card today, pop over to the RSU, the Union bar, or the Richardson building.


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