Chicken Volunteers

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We're looking for students and volunteers who will be able to help us with the everyday care of our chickens.

Every day, they need to be let out, have their eggs collected and their coop inspected and cleaned.

Every evening, they need to be tucked back into bed before dark.

If you're interested in taking part, please email us at and we'll offer some more information.

What Is It?

This is an amazing opportunity to help care for and maintain our on-campus chickens. 

This is a truly unique university experience that you can take part in as we'll need help every day to ensure the chickens are well looked after and the coop is well-maintained.

In exchange for your efforts, you'll receive a free hot drink, courtesy of The HIve Cafè.

Why You Should Get Involved

Our Chicken project is home to up to fifteen chickens. They are a mixed flock of ex-battery hens who have been rescued and re-homed here at Roehampton.

Many of them would have faced an early death or been taken to an animal shelter, but instead, they get to live a quiet life in a secure flock.

By taking part, you are helping to give these chickens another chance at a good life, whilst also developing your own personal skills.

Your efforts to help us care for these chickens is an excellent way of establishing work ethic, problem-solving and nurturing your caring spirit.