Mr. Kimchi


Handmade Kimchi, locally produced


We are premium Kimchi brand that launched in 2013 in the UK to provide customers with healthy, tasty and fresh Kimchi. We are pleased to offer this artisanal Kimchi using the fresh ingredients and chili peppers for depth of flavour. Enjoy the delicious, complex flavours, spice and versatility of our Kimchi as a complement to your next meal. 

Our Kimchi products  are locally (manufacturing unit in Kingston, Surrey) produced with fresh ingredients. While Kimchi being sold in UK market are mostly imported from outside the UK, mainly Korea and China, we strongly believe you will surely notice how different our taste is from imported Kimchi products. We also use no chemical additives at all which can make Kimchi healthier. In addition, we are proud that we are THE ONLY brand Kimchi manufacturer in the UK registered in intellectual property organisation, producing with an authentic recipe and in a proper environment with 5 star food hygiene rate approved by the council.

You can buy our Kimchi at the Growhampton market, as well as super tasty Japanese and Korean street foods.

Oh! If you have you purchased a jar of Kimchi with us, bring it back when empty and we'll give you a discount on your next jar.