Best Souvlaki in london

We are a couple who founded our own Greek Street Food company from scratch. Our Greek roots brought us together in the city of Athens, where we met and spent our spare time helping out in traditional Greek tavernas and being shown "how true Greeks eat" by friends and family alike.

The fame that Greek food has for being delicious yet healthy is no lie but we never saw Greek food readily available at food markets in the UK. When we arrived in London in May 2015, we thought we'd have to wait until our next holiday to eat some delicious Greek food. 

Then we had an idea: why not bring real Greek food to Britain? And not just any food - real Greek Street Food - the nation's favourite Souvlaki.

Our passion for Greek culture and cuisine mixed with a desire to show off our own nation's street food led us to create Greek2Go. Now we can show Britain how the Greeks do Street!


Victor and Nellie.