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Serious Hashbrowns


We launched Serious Hashbrowns at the beginning of 2017 with a simple mission. Give Hashbrowns a platform they deserve to truly express themselves. No longer the wonderful addition to a Full English, Hashbrowns are now the main event!!

We serve a range of handmade, luxury Hashbrowns that have been loaded with various things including bacon & cheddar/ spinach and feta/ garlic mushrooms/ chorizo & jalapeno. Limited only by our imagination we will regularly bring different flavours for you to try. All served with baked beans and a selection of dips.

Too make sure that everyone can sample our Hashbrowns all are gluten free and we have loads of vegetarian and vegan options.

So come and find our purple and yellow horsebox every week at Growhampton Market to see just how seriously we take Hashbrowns. We can’t wait!!