This is Our Jam

 - various opportunities.


Join the team with this exciting opportunity to grow and develop our brand new student enterprise making and selling preserves such as ketchup, chutney and cordials from campus grown ingredients. 

Gain valuable skills such as leadership, communication and team work, as well as real life experience of running a social enterprise. 

You can read more about This is Our Jam here, or simply drop us an email for more information.

“We believe our products are nothing short of delicious, and with happy customers and plans in place for future cooking sessions, we are excited to continue growing bigger and better.” 
                                                                                                                                          Kai Davis (Director 2016/17)
We have the following roles available:


  • Being the key point of communication between the Students Union and the team.
  • Co-ordinating student led cooking sessions and managing ‘This is Our Jam’ student enterprise.
  • Seeking regular updates from other team members and reporting back to the Growhampton Project Co-Ordinator.
  • Call and chair weekly team meetings.
  • Set the agenda of the team meetings.
  • Motivate the team and volunteers to reach their maximum potential.
  • Ensuring that the team receive the necessary training (Food safety, Health and Safety etc.) 

Impact Officer: 

  • Keeping track of targets.
  • Monitoring progress of the Social Enterprise.
  • Measuring the impact of the Social Enterprise by distributing surveys.
  • Help complete a quarterly report of the Social Enterprise.
  • Communication of these things to Growhampton Project Co-Ordinator, ‘This is our jam’ Director and NUS.

Finanace Manager: 

  • Managing all financial aspects of ‘This is Our Jam’ and Learn to Cook sessions.
  • Creating detailed short and long term budgeting plans.
  • Deciding prices for ‘This is our Jam’ products based on overall costs.
  • Keeping clear records of income and expenditure.

Product Developer: 

  • Assisting in the running of ‘Learn to Cook’ sessions.
  • Researching recipes and work with the team on what products to make each session based on available ingredients.
  • Source ingredients from sustainable food producers.
  • Conducting market research and using feedback to develop products.

Marketing Director: 

  • Responsible for marketing ‘Learn to Cook’ sessions to students through a variety of mediums.
  • Taking a lead on design and branding decisions within the team.
  • Advertising products around University campus and the local community.
  • The organisation and running of creative marketing strategies.
  • Being a key point of communication between the ‘This is our jam’ team and the customers.
  • Running social media for the enterprise.
  • Writing blog posts and articles about upcoming events and general progress of the business.