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Project Grow

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Our latest volunteering opportunity for students, Project Grow allows students to create memorable and positive social experiences geared towards building a social community and in many instances fostering a greater sense of environmentalism.
The project sessions are semi-structured to align with the seasons. These sessions are specifically designed to be hands-on whereby the participants (students and the elderly) roll up their sleeves, simply give it a go and ‘learn through doing’ - an integral strategy of all the volunteering opportunities Growhampton provides. We will plant seeds, pot plants, dig soil, make compost and do all things growing related under the supervision and guidance of our Edible Campus Coordinator.

Gardening is a healthy and stimulation way to improve both mental and physical health, increase environmental awareness and knowledge about food and healthy eating. Other outcomes we hope to see emerge from this project is the improvement in wellbeing through social interaction where young and old build intergenerational relationships that can offer some truly unique benefits to all participants.


“Being a part of Project Grow has made me a better leader because I have learnt that a leader does not have to know everything or give the impression that he/she does. When I am unsure or do not know something, I have become comfortable with admitting that. Others have then taken the lead, giving me new knowledge and developing their own leader skills. I am also better fit to work in a team, because I have had to collaborate with people from different positions and background to get the project going and run sessions smoothly."

                                                                                                                     -Student volunteer, English Creative Writing BSc