For many of our volunteers such as those studying Zoology, Nutrition, Psychology, and Business for example, volunteering with Growhampton provides a practical application of their degrees.

“I am studying zoology, and it gives me a reminder of why I studying what I am studying.” 

                                                                                                                                                 Quote from 2016 survey. 


“I have very much enjoyed my involvement in Project Grow. It has been extremely useful to be able to see the detail needed for a project’s implementation. It has also been an opportunity to meet a number of other students that I haven’t meet before and also to work alongside some of my tutors. At degree level there is a necessary immersion in theory and past research and it is sometimes difficult to see how research translates into practical application."

                                                                                                                                -Student volunteer, Sport Psychology BSc


Growhampton has collaborated with staff from Dance, Business, Drama, Theatre and Performance, and the Education department to provide practical and real life experiences for their students. 

This year a student studying business at the university used the Growhampton Farmers Market as research object for his final year business project. Growhampton supported his research and are now using this very documentation to make valuable changes to the way we market our Farmers Market. 

"I recently obtained my grade back from the essay report written on Growhampton which scored me a first! I would like to thank Growhampton for your help in the progression of the report, which has helped boost my average up to a first overall." 

                                                                                                                                                      3rd Year, Business Student


If you are wondering what to do for an essay, research project or dissertation, have a look at our opportunites or stop by for a chat. 



  • Naturally Grown vs. Conventionally Grown Vegetables (Nutritional Science)
  • Insects and Biodiveristy on a Urban Food Growing Site (Biological Science) 
  • Business and Enterprise: Farmers Market, This is Our Jam, Thrift Shop etc. (Business) 
  • Gardening and Mental Health (Psychology)
  • Outdoor education (Education, Primary Ed.) 
  • Social implications of the Urban Food movement (Sociology, Anthropolgy). 
  • Psychology of Food, Food Habits and the New Wave of Plant Based Diets (Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology)