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Soil in the City

– various opportunities with school children

We provide bespoke food education sessions in schools and on campus for school children where kids get to learn outdoor survival skills; fire lighting, shelter building, field cooking and food growing skills. 

We welcome schools and youth organisations in Wandsworth and if you are interested in taking your class or youth group on a fieldtrip to Roehampton, drop is an email and we'll provide you with more information. 



“Soil in the City encourages children to explore nature and immerse themselves in the wildness that exists outside of concrete cities. They learn to respect nature and all it offers in a fun and relaxed environment, and the experience fosters independence and self-confidence. This development was clear through the week with older children taking charge within small activities and helping younger children, and others offering solutions to problems that developed without the need for help. As a volunteer, I was able to step back and watch them enjoy their experience and become assured that they could solve problems whilst also knowing adults were there to help if it was wanted. Urban Wild is an experience that any child will benefit from!”

Megan Lewis, 3rd year Creative Writing

"A fantastic experience for our Key Stage 2 children. Growhampton put on a real show that was engaging, fun, interactive and interesting! ALL the children took something away from the sessions. As a school, we were particularly impressed with the way Growhampton managed to integrate the curriculum of every year into their healthy, sustainable eating sessions so as to enthuse the children and make it relevant. The vegetable soup cooked on the dire was delicious! Thank-you Growhampton, we look forward to working with you in the future!"

Jason Dass - Head of DT and teacher, Riversdale Primary School