Established almost 100 years ago, there is an ancient orchard on campus that produces absolutely delicious apples.

Tucked away among the many trees on campus, you can find an entrance by the Orchard’s information sign on Lime Tree Walk between Froebel and Digby colleges if you want to visit.

There are several well-known varieties of apple such as russet and Blenheim orange, as well as some young pear and plum trees. In late 2020 student volunteers also planted several currant bushes and raspberry canes. You can also find a few patches of wild garlic to harvest in the spring.

Autumn 2019 was a bumper year for apples.

Growhampton volunteers collected around 60 kg, much of which was used to prepare chutney, jam and preserve sold at The Hive Café. In the past we have also pressed the apples to make fresh juice which can last for up to a week in the fridge.