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It’s give and take with the Growhampton chickens!

Our chicken project is home to up to fifteen hens and located near the Hive Café in the heart of Roehampton campus. Not the only reason to drop by with a coffee in hand and enjoy the clucking, although it’s a good one. The project is run by volunteers and everyone is welcome to become a ‘Growhampton chicken volunteer’. So, while you enjoy some good coffee and quiet time at the coop, have a think about whether this might be something for you. Here is a bit about what to expect as a chicken volunteer.

What you will do for the chickens

You will be the chickens’ favourite person for the day when you let them out in the morning, spoil them with a few treats and fill up all their feeders and drinkers. After mucking out their two chicken houses, you can go on a search for warm, freshly laid eggs coloured cream, brown and blue and of various shapes and sizes.

Then it’s just locking the gate and enjoying the reward for your work, a Hive coffee voucher or chicken egg.

In the early afternoon, it’s time to return and lock the chickens back up for the night. We have oats mixed with olive oil, corn treats, coconut & seed cupcakes, Growhampton veggies, or local apples to lure the chickens back inside, depending on the season.

On weekends, the chickens stay locked up. If your timetable is pretty full, weekends might be a good alternative. We operate via a Google calendar where everyone signs up freely for a day of chicken care, no fixed commitments required whatsoever.

What the chickens will do for you

Our hens are a mixed flock of ex-battery hens, hens rescued from schools, hens we rehomed from the local community, and some hens who hatched here on campus. Many of them would have faced an early death or a stay in an animal shelter. Instead, they now live a quiet life in a secure chicken flock with an outside run and an organic diet. With your help, we can keep rescuing hens and give them the home we think they deserve.

On top of that, we produce around forty eggs a month that are sold in the Hive café. You will be making a positive difference to the way we produce, consume and see food by being part of the process. Our happy hens lay the creamiest eggs in all of London!

While spending time with the chickens, you will realize how relaxing and energising it is to be surrounded by curious, inquisitive, incorruptible and funny hens. It feels empowering to learn a few chicken hacks and the ins and outs of chicken keeping. A day of chicken care will give you a break from all the hustle and bustle, give you time to catch your breath, be mindful and in the moment.

A day of chicken care is always a good day, for you and the planet!

If you would like to become a chicken vounteer, drop us an email HERE.