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Edible Campus



Growhampton has developed vibrant growing spaces across The University of Roehampton's campus allowing students, staff and the local community to reconnect with how their food grows and where it comes from.

We have a main growing space complete with polytunnel and raised beds, a gorgeous container garden surrounding The Hive Cafe and a few smaller student led growing spaces spread around campus.  

We grow according to organic principles and plant lots of flowers to encourage biodiversity, sharing our love and passion for home grown food and inspire everybody we meet to become excited about sustainable food production and think more about the impacts of their food choices. 

Fresh produce from the growing spaces is available for purchase at The Hive Cafe every week.

We grow and sell a great variety of seasonal and organically grown produce. This includes salad, leafy greens, tomatoes, beetroot, courgette, pumpkins, garlic and herbs, as well as more unusual and experimental crops such as quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, chilis and oats.

A big part of what we do is to spark the power of imagination and show that we can grow a diverse range of crops here in urban south-west London.


There is an ancient orchard and a new orchard on campus, both of which produce absolutely delicious apples, both located on Froebel College. 

The Old Orchard is nearly 100 years old, and was created by a group of students doing their teacher training here at the univeristy. 



Growhampton have joined the urban chicken movement and are keeping a small backyard flock which provides us with fresh eggs and nitrogen rich fertiliser. Come and say "Hello" to our new chickens, located adjacent to The Hive Cafe. Become a volunteer and learn how to look after the chickens or try some of our beautiful eggs, available in The Hive Cafe every Monday.