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Women's Leadership Conference

Tuesday 26 February 2019
Portrait Room
1:30pm - 6:30pm

Women's Leadership Conference

Roehampton Students’ Union is proud to be hosting the third Women's Leadership Conference here at Roehampton for the third year running!

This is a half-day conference run by Roehampton Students’ Union for all Roehampton students, presenting inspirational female speakers with the opportunity for a Q&A, workshops lead by our very own student leaders, and a Q&A Panel with leaders at University of Roehampton. We will finish the conference with refreshments, nibbles and networking.

The theme of the Conference this year is ‘This Girl Stands’, whether that be standing for an idea, standing against certain behaviours within misogynistic society, or standing for a leadership role at the upcoming RSU Election.

No one in society should tell you what to stand for and it’s important that our students feel empowered and supported to stand for what they believe in. Our approach has always been to inspire our students and reassure them that any future is possible, regardless of background.


Zoe Stromberg has started an online graphic series on Instagram called @cutecatcalls, where she illustrates catcalls that she and other women have received. The project started after receiving sexist comments on her project around toxic masculinity at her degree show last year at Goldsmiths University. Although in its infancy Zoe wants to continue to create awareness of the catcalling with her project and work towards making catcalling, and on a whole, misogyny a hate crime as it currently does not stand as one. To submit a catcall to Zoe's project DM her on @cutecatcalls or email

Helen Pankhurst CBE is an author and a women's rights activist and international development practitioner. 
The great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, leaders of the British suffragette movement, Helen carries on the legacy. This includes undertaking re-enactment work for current-day awareness-raising. In 2018 Helen published the book: Deeds Not Words, the Story of Women's Rights, Then and Now. The book will be available to purchase for £15 (cash only), dedicated and signed by Helen at the Conference. You can pre-order below to make sure you get a copy!


You also get to attend two of the following workshops:

  • Slaying Social Media
  • Spring into Action
  • Women in Sport; Breaking the Mould
  • Preparing for a changing world: Women lead the way



Our panellist of Women who work at University of Roehampton will give an insight into how they are all leaders in their respective professions.

  • Emily Cookson       -  Student Wellbeing Officer, Whitelands
  • Celia Briseid            -  Groehampton Manager, RSU
  • Marilyn Holness    -  Director of Student Engagement, UoR
  • Isobel Rafferty        -  Safer Roehampton Intern, RSU

We hope the day will inspire Roehampton students to become the leaders of the future, whether it be within the students’ union, the life of the university or in the wider community and stand for what they believe in. 

To be a leader simply means that you do not remain silent, and to realise that we are all leaders in our own right. Building a community of self-defining women who fight on all levels to dismantle structures and learning to look around you for inspiration, not up, is a way towards creating a truly equal society. #ThisGirlStands


All students are welcome to attend for the chance to come together as a community.

We hope you enjoy the day and we look forward to seeing you as our next leaders.