Freshers' Week 2018 - SATURDAY

Saturday 22 September 2018

9am - 11:59pm

Freshers' Week 2018 - SATURDAY

The Sunday of Freshers’ Week is going to be a day of recovery for most – it will have been a long, amazing week. 

You’re just going to want to relax and have fun with friends, right? Well, we’ve got you covered. 

Head down to the Union in the evening for the very first of our weekly pub quizzes! This is the ideal way to just get out for the day, relax and unwind before your first Monday at University, and to chill and have a laugh with friends. 

For this special edition quiz, Sounds Familiar Music Quiz are taking over the Union! This really is the ultimate music quiz and is an absolute blast to take part in - they aren’t here often, so grab the chance to get involved with one of the best pub quizzes in the country!


These events are for Freshers' and ReFreshers' wristband holders only.

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