Freshers' Week 2018 - THURSDAY

Thursday 20 September 2018

9am - 11:59pm

Freshers' Week 2018 - THURSDAY

Put quite simply, it’s now a Roehampton tradition to hire out the entirety of Thorpe Park to make for an evening exclusive to Roehampton students. It’s our five year anniversary of the theme park take over and it’s loved even more now than it was in year one! 

Make the most of all major attractions including Saw, Stealth and Nemesis Inferno. A selection of smaller attractions and catering facilities will also be open on the night to keep all Roehampton thrill seekers well entertained. 

We will provide transport to and from the park for all Freshers' Pass and ticket holders

There will be a meeting area for all students to grab a drink and await the opening of the doors to roam free throughout Thorpe Park for three adrenaline-filled hours.  Rides will close at 9:30pm. Anyone queuingfor a ride at this time WILL be able to complete their ride before the gates close once and for all. Buses will then be on hand to get you all back to campus.


This event is included in Freshers' and Refreshers' wristbands. Limited amount of individual tickets will be available for purchase.

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