Event Description

Thursday 07 December 2023

10am - 2pm

Meet outside RSU reception, Froebel Campus


Give it A Grow sessions are a fun opportunity for students to gain practical skills in sustainable food growing and wider nature-based learning, as well as spending time outdoors and meeting new people!

What we do in these sessions will vary week to week, based on what needs doing that time of year. From seed sowing to DIY, wild foraging walks and lots more, we'll be doing it all. You don't have to have any experience of food growing or gardening to take part in 'Give it A Grow' sessions, they're for EVERYONE!

These sessions are flexible in terms of when people arrive and leave. If you want to stay for the full 4 hours then that's great, but if you can only stay for an hour that's fine too! We'll also have a 45 minute lunch break halfway through the session where people can either hang around and chat over food they've brought themselves, or go somehwere else to get food and then come back.  

So join us from 11am (meet outside the RSU reception at 11) for some outdoor and food-related fun. No sign up necessary, just come along!