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Event Description

Give it a Grow: DIY

Wednesday 07 October 2020

11am - 1pm

Give it a Grow: DIY

What we will be doing: 

We’ll learn and practise basic landscape, design and carpentry skills to make a new raised bed in the community garden (Project Grow). The physical session will also include weeding, digging in compost and sowing winter green manure to protect the soil and provide an early nectar for pollinators.


How it will work:

Simply drop us an email the day before to sign up to the session. Currently, we can only accept 5 volunteers, and we need to receive a confirmation that you will attend the session, so we can control the number of people joining in.


COVID-19: Guidance for staff and volunteers.

Access and travel

  • The Growhampton sites on campus will be accessible for a few by appointment/agreement only rather than open to the everyone. 
  • Anyone considered medically vulnerable/ subject to government shielding advice should not visit the garden.
  • Only 6 people allowed on any Growhampton site during a session to limit the numbers of staff/visitors/volunteers in the garden at any one time.
  • Growhampton staff will inform maximum numbers of visitors in any communications with students/staff/community. There will be a sign in the garden with reference to government guidance on social distancing.

Social distancing and Sanitation

  • At all times social distance (2m) must be maintained between staff/visitors/volunteer. 1m where 2m is not possible.
  • Maximum 6 people in the same area outdoors. Maximum 3 people indoors.
  • Hand washing should be followed according to government guidance. Wash your hands before you arrive at the garden, wear gloves where appropriate. Sanitizer and blue roll is available in the Polytunnel for cleaning tools/equipment after each use.
  • Keep hand sanitiser available where possible and use before opening and closing any gate locks. There will be hand sanitizer available in all Growhampton spaces.