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Active Bystander Workshop

Wednesday 26 February 2020
Duchesne, DU.211, Digby Stuart College
2pm - 3:30pm

Active Bystander Workshop

Active Bystander workshops to help students tackle difficult situations

The Bystander Intervention Team continue working to end sexual violence and discriminatory behaviour on campus. 

Have you ever witnessed an uncomfortable situation and not known what to do?

Have you ever been told a discriminatory joke that you did not find funny, but laughed nonetheless?

The Bystander Intervention Team is running these Active Bystander workshops for students to give you the tools to tackle difficult situations. The workshops are led by students.

On completion of these workshops, you will be granted a certificate, and we will randomly give out 40 FREE TICKETS to BOP!

If you would like to learn more about interventions, problematic behaviour and the Bystander Effect,

sign up with full name (only visible to the Bystander Intervention Team Coordinator) HERE OR get in touch with


Workshops are happening on:

  • Friday, 21st February from 14:00-15:30  Duchesne, DU.309, Digby Stuart College
  • Wednesday, 26th February from 14:00-15:30 Duchesne, DU.211, Digby Stuart College
  • Friday, 28th February from 14:00-15:30 Duchesne, DU.314, Digby Stuart College