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AvoFree April!

Wednesday 01 April 2020
The Hive Cafe, Digby Square
9am - 5pm

AvoFree April!

AvoFreeApril is campaign by Growhampton and The Hive Cafe, 

Why are we going Avo-free for April you say? Well, we are a food sustainability project so sourcing local and seasonal food for our menu is one of our main goals.

You can’t buy avocados locally or sustainably. They’ve gotta be flown in from Spain (if you’re lucky) but more likely Central and South America, meaning thousands of air miles being made to transport them over to the UK for our brunch addictions !

In 2016, Greenpeace Mexico stated people in the region are likely to suffer due to the increasing demand for avocados.
Beyond the displacement of forests and the effects on water retention, the high use of agricultural chemicals and the large volumes of wood needed to pack and ship avocados are other factors that could have negative effects on the area’s environment and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our obsession with avocado has been placing unprecedented demand on avocado farmers, pushing up prices to the point where there are even reports of Mexican drug cartels controlling lucrative exports. Mexican farmers are thinning out and eradicating huge pine forests in order to illegally plant the money making fruit trees to meet a never-ending demand!

Don’t worry! You won’t be missing out! We will be offering all of our usual foodie delights and also the addition of organic homemade and protein-packed beans on toast for a delicious temporary replacement!