International Week

Monday 18 November 2019

9am - 9pm

International Week

It's International Week!

The RSU International Officer Luke has organised a range of events in collaboration with the Roehampton Film Society.
We have also included events organised by the University.


Monday 18th Nov: 

Tuesday 19th Nov:

  • 'International' Community Lunch at 12:30 in the Base
  • International Table Tennis Tournament, at 1pm in The Reef, Southlands College
  • Dig Deep Challenges, Climb Kilimanjaro Information Session at 2-3pm in GH.010, Froebel College
  • Study Abroad 101 at 3pm in HI.001 (Hirst, Digby Stuart College)
  • Exchanges Meet Up at 5pm onwards in the Union Bar, Froebel College
  • Dig Deep Challenges, Climb Kilimanjaro Information Session at 6-7pm in GH.010, Froebel College
  • Hygge Me Presents: BREATHE – An introduction to sensory integration and anxiety at 6-8pm in DU.003, Digby Stuart College

Wednesday 20th Nov

  • Work Internationally Careers Drop in at 11-2pm in The Hub, Digby Stuart College
  • Yoga (Womens Only Workout) at 12pm-1:15pm in Chapman Hall, Southlands College
  • Coexist Café: Global Beverages and Biscuits at1-2pm in QB.143, Queens Building

Thursday 21st Nov

A variety of Study Abroad Talks:

  • Study Abroad in Europe Talk – 12:30, Du.309, Digby Stuart College
  • Study Abroad in Australia/New Zealand Talk – 1:30, Du.103, Digby Stuart College
  • Study Abroad in the USA Talk – 2:00, Convent Parlour, Digby Stuart College
  • InterExchange, Intern in the USA Talk – 2:30pm, Convent Parlour, Digby Stuart College
  • Camp America, Work In the USA Talk - 3pm, Convent Parlour, Digby Stuart College
  • Think Pacific, Volunteer in Fiji Talk – 3:30pm, Convent Parlour, Digby Stuart College

Friday 22nd Nov


We hope that you have a wonderful International week!