Digby Dig: Yule

Friday 29 November 2019
Barat House, Digby College
3pm - 5pm

Digby Dig: Yule

Digby Dig is a joint project between the Chaplaincy Community at Barat House and Growhampton. Every other Friday afternoon, between the hours of 3-5pm, members of the wider university community are invited to join us for some gentle gardening on Barat Lawn. It is a nice way to power down at the end of a working week and is a good opportunity to spend time outside with others in a relaxed environment. We often finish the session with refreshments in The Base.


Yuletide Wishes

May the magic of the season
bless you and yours with much
love and happiness. 

May the soltice brinf the promise
of a new season of fruitful endeavors
and bountiful rewards. 

May the glistening snow be a reminder
that there is beauty in everything
and even in that which may seem cold
and dormant will one day spring
to life again. 

May we enjoy today together we friends
and family and as we await the suns 
arrival, may we have a joyous
winter soltice.