BAME Students Belonging in the Library – Zine Workshop

Wednesday 10 April 2019
LU.018 Lulham, Froebel College
3pm - 5pm

BAME Students Belonging in the Library – Zine Workshop

Belonging in the Library – Zine Workshop.

As part of an ongoing campaign in the Library, the Library team are looking at ways to increase awareness of inclusive practice and services, and to incorporate the student voice into how they shape their services.

The library team and the RSU hope that a zine making workshop will be a great creative outlet for expressing student views on the library.

A zine is a non-commercial, non-professional publication, like a magazine, but hand made after using techniques of collage and photocopying and drawing (for more information: see the Wikipedia entry for zines).

During the 2 hour workshop you will: 

  • See examples of zines from the  Stuart Hall Library  collection.
  • Discuss the topic of belonging and the library
  • Create your own pages for a collective zine

 A contributor’s list will be created, and you can choose to use your real name or use an alias.

After the zine has been put together, the Library team will:

  • Share the zine with library staff, and feedback on the zine response
  • Display the work in the Library Foyer
  • Use the content in any relevant discussions/posts/news items that are relevant to the topic or promote the inclusive library
  • Share print/digital copies of the zine with the zine creators

There will be refreshment available at the workshop, and £10 Amazon voucher for participants as thanks for your time. Places are limited so you will be required to book a ticket prior to attending.

There are only 10 places so log in to book your ticket below now!