Colonialism: Climate Change is a Racist issue

Tuesday 15 January 2019

6pm - 7:30pm

Colonialism: Climate Change is a Racist issue

Following a year characterised by record-breaking temperatures, widespread fires, melting polar ice caps, a distinct rise in fascism & a whole slew of official reports outlining our current carbon predicament - climate change is increasingly impossible to ignore.

SOAS invite several speakers to discuss the racist elements of climate change. This talk will examine the colonial extractivist roots of the industrial revolution & mass scale of fossil fuel burning, the concept of historical share & resulting responsibility, the devastating impacts of climate change on the Global South and the de facto treatment of these areas as 'sacrifice zones'. It will also explore ways in which we can take action, and the importance of solidarity with the ongoing resistance of front-line communities across the world

Asad Rehman - Executive Director of War on Want
Simmone Ahiaku - Fossil Free Campaigner at People & Planet
Chaired by Zamzam Ibrahim - National Union of Students' Vice President Society & Citizenship

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