Over the last couple of years, Roehampton Students’ Union has led on a number of different Mental Health campaigns and more recently we’ve seen Let’s Celebrate Mental Health and Let’s Stop Ableism but this year we are taking a different approach.


University life can be hard, and a number of contributing factors within University life can impact on the Mental Health of students. It is estimated that more than 60% of people won’t seek the help they need around their Mental Health and stigma is one of the main reason. Many people who suffer from mental illnesses say that the stigma is worse than the illness itself


Roehampton Students’ Union believes that the stigma associated around Mental Health needs to be eradicated, so for the next couple of days, we're putting the elephant back in the room to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. We're encouraging you to have open conversations about how mental health impacts you and the people around you.


The Elephant in the Room – Anti Stigma Mental Health Campaign takes place from Thursday 1st March 2018 and runs through till Tuesday 6th March but the theme of Mental Health will be around for the whole month.


The campaign has the goal to start to eliminate the stigma often associated with mental illness. The campaign sets store in “taking action” against the stigma. It can often be the case that some people just don’t really know what mental health actually means and so there’s a lack of understanding of how to talk about it in general. In a nutshell, everyone has mental health – which sits on a spectrum of being positive to negative. The way society deals with negative mental health isn’t always great, and we can all make the commitment to try and change this.


Watch out for a human sized elephant around the University on campus and everywhere! We will be going around talking to students about the campaign with some booklets and getting students really speaking about such an important issue that can affect each and every one of us. You can also get involved in the campaign by keeping an eye out for the elephant around campus and tweet us with #RoeElephant.