Thanks for visiting our Candidate Hub. Here you will find all the information you need about nominating yourself or a friend in the 2019 RSU Elections. We've also included a list of the roles you can run for that will help create real change at the University of Roehampton! 


There are 3 Full-time Sabbatical Officer roles that get paid £23,000 per year: SU President, Vice President: Community & Welfare and Vice President: Education.

There are 27 Part-time Voluntary Officer roles which help hold the Full-time Sabbatical Officers to account to help steer the direction of the Union.

All current students are entitled to run and will take their elected post in July 2019.  

Students wishing to stand as candidates should self-define as a part of the community each role represents. Click here to update your self-definition.


No elections are currently running