Candidate for the position of Off-Campus and Commuting Students' Officer

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Rohith Eswaramoorthy Pushpa

"Championing off-campus and commuting student needs"

I know commuting to university is the main problem which the students we are facing nowadays.The main problems that we are facing are:

  1. Transportation.
  2. Time management.
  3. Social isolation.
  4. Access to resources.
  5. Financial strain.
  6. Safety concerns.

We can't solve everything , but i will do as much i can as your Off-campus and Commuting students officer for the students welfare and comfort.

Mission and Vision:

Representing the interests and needs of off-campus and commuting students to the university or organization, and advocating for policies and initiatives that address their unique challenges.

Creating a sense of community among off-campus and commuting students, and providing opportunities for them to connect with each other and participate in university or organizational life.Working with relevant departments to ensure that off-campus and commuting students have access to necessary resources, including transportation, parking, and affordable housing.Addressing issues related to safety and security for off-campus and commuting students, and collaborating with campus security and local authorities to create a safe environment.

Promoting initiatives to improve the overall student experience for off-campus and commuting students, including opportunities for engagement, academic support, and access to campus services and facilities.Providing guidance and support for off-campus and commuting students in navigating the complexities of studying while living off-campus or commuting.Raising awareness about issues affecting off-campus and commuting students, including the challenges of balancing work, family, and academic commitments.

Planning for the new 2 more free university bus routes for our university students to make transportation easier !

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