Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate (Women's Place)

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Nafisa Nabi Rashmi

Don’t settle for less. Vote for Nafisa, she’s the best!

Hi, I am Nafisa. I am currently in my second year at Southlands College. I am running as a women delegate of NUS with three words
Hope, Change, and Progress. As a NUS delegate for the university, I hereby pledge to uphold the following manifesto:

  1. Representation: I will serve as a representative of the university and ensure that the views and opinions of the students are accurately conveyed to the National Union of Students (NUS). I will actively engage with the student community to ensure that their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed.

  2. Advocacy: I will use my position to advocate for policies that benefit students at the university and across the country. I will work to ensure that NUS policies reflect the needs and concerns of students, and I will actively lobby for changes that benefit the wider student population.

  3. Inclusivity: I believe that every student, regardless of their background or identity, deserves a fair and equitable education. As a delegate, I will work to ensure that the NUS prioritizes inclusivity and diversity, and I will support policies that advance these values.

  4. Sustainability: I believe that the NUS has a responsibility to promote sustainability and protect the environment. I will advocate for policies that reduce the environmental impact of universities and support sustainable practices on campus.

  5. Transparency: I believe that transparency is essential for a healthy and functioning democracy. As a delegate, I will be transparent in my actions and decisions, and I will work to ensure that the NUS is transparent in its policies and decision-making processes.

  6. Collaboration: I believe that collaboration is key to achieving meaningful change. As a delegate, I will work with other student representatives and stakeholders to ensure that the needs and concerns of students are adequately addressed.

  7. Action: Finally, I believe that it is not enough to simply talk about change - we must take action to make it a reality. As a delegate, I will work tirelessly to ensure that the NUS implements policies and initiatives that benefit students and promote a more just and equitable society.

In conclusion, I pledge to work tirelessly as a NUS delegate for the University of Roehampton  to represent the interests and concerns of students, promote inclusivity, sustainability, transparency, and collaboration, and take meaningful action to effect positive change. So, Vote for NAFISA, your Voice in NUS.