Candidate for the position of International Students' Officer

Vrinda Sharma

Homesickness? Away from a friend? This is the place where all your problems end. An international student standing to be your voice, Make your decision wisely and let me be your choice!

Fretting & Brooding? Not anymore!

Let's flourish together and stay content as you have got your wingwoman here!

New to the country? We are all alike. I have nominated myself for your new International student's officer, I can vouch for the best possible support at just one call away.

Being your International student's officer you can count on me, Together we can bring positive changes and upgrade the policies to make it all function in a smoother manner 

I can assure you of your better experiences being an International student, I will make sure we connect with likeminded people and get involved in extra curricular activities,

Also not to forget our ultimate goal, We together will study hard and get good grades.

From A to Z we are gonna gradually make it as a Team, Let's learn to manage our finances, Develop our english language skills, research accomodation options, build support networks.

I will be all ears to you being a new friend and  a support system and you are always welcome with new ideas and policies for the welfare of international students.

I am counting on you guys to vote for me and make it all work for us all.