Candidate for the position of NUS Delegate (Women's Place)

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Sharon Azams


I am running for NUS Delegate as I would love the opportunity to represent the student voice of Roehampton on a national level. As your current VP Community Welfare, previous RSU Black students’ officer, and previous VP of the BAME society, I believe that I have the experience that make me a good fit for the role!

This year I have explored:

  • Cost of living (75p beans on toast, cheap meals series with Growhampton, sustained support for the community fridge and community lunches, funding secured for free clothes referral scheme, discussions at a national level with local councillors and members of NUS, etc.)
  • Accessibility (campus walkarounds, timetables, training, collaborations with RSU disabled and neurodivergent society, map updates etc.)
  • Representation (Union Black, representative campaigns, diverse food options on campus, awareness campaigns, diverse events, retention of BAME students etc.)
  • Student voice (industrial action, staff cuts, TEF, surveys etc.)

As a young Black woman from a low income background and a strong interest in wellbeing and accessibility, I believe both my personal and professional experience make me a great candidate!