Candidate for the position of Southlands College Deputy President

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Nafisa Nabi Rashmi

Hello Southlands, You want something done, Nafisa is the one!


Hello, I am Nafisa Nabi Rashmi. I am currently in my second year of an HR management degree at Southlands. During these two years, I was able to make a difference in the Southlands community and demonstrated my dedication to the Southlands team, which consists of four key roles.

1) Student Leader (CCL): I, along with the team, hosted 73 events at Southlands in the last six months.

2) Flat Rep: Supported residential students, engaged with on-campus students, and worked to build a community.

3) Asian and Minority Officers of the RSU: I worked to promote Asian events and culture and have talked with more than 500 international Asian students about their student lives.

4) HRM Program Representative: Active in the academic sector to engage more.

We've already met before, right? And it feels like you won’t be sorry if you voted for Nafisa.

This year, I am running in the RSU election as Southlands College Deputy President.

As a student with great leadership and networking skills, I want to work harder and serve the Southlands community this year as Deputy President. With some commitment and promise,

My manifesto is centred on three key pillars:

1. Student Engagement and Empowerment: I believe in creating an inclusive environment that fosters engagement and empowerment for all students. This means creating opportunities for students to have their voices heard and to actively participate in decision-making processes. I will work to create avenues for students to share their ideas, concerns, and feedback. This can be done through town hall meetings, open forums, online feedback platforms, and regular check-ins with students. I will also work to empower student organisations and clubs to be active and impactful.

2. Make Southlands College a home for all: In Southlands College, half of the students commute; the majority of them are international, but we have 300 residential students. I will make sure all the activities are focused on each group of people and that there is harmony between all of us. If we can form a united community, we can make the Southlands a home for all. More events, fun activities, parties, and games will be my focus for it, and I will try my best to make everyone feel safe and make sure there is zero tolerance for bystander activities.

3. Southlands is not alone: As deputy president, I will work to promote collaboration with other colleges in all aspects of campus life. This means advocating for policies and programmes that can create a good bond between all the residents at Roehampton and make sure there is inclusivity and student-led initiatives. I will work to create a more diverse and representative campus community.

In conclusion, as college deputy president, I am committed to creating a campus environment that is inclusive, equitable, and empowering for all students. I am dedicated to working with the president and college team to make Southlands College a better place for all.

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