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Sana Siddique

A Vote for Sana is a Vote for our Roey Muslim Ummah so Get your Voice Heard because Your Voice Matters!

Assalamu alaikum (Peace be upon you) Roey. My name is Sana Siddique, and I am re-running to be your Muslim Students’ Officer for the upcoming academic year. Being in the role for three terms, I believe I have the knowledge and skills to best support students when needed and plan events/campaigns to engage the wider community. Over my time at the university, I have also been in the Photography Society committee as well as a Programme Rep through the RSU.
Within a few years, the number of international students has increased dramatically; statistically I have noticed there are more Muslim students than we had a few years ago. I believe we still have a long way to go as a university to improve everyone’s student experience.
When I ran in the elections in the past three years, my main manifestos were: Events within the Holy Month of Ramadan (e.g. Iftar), Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha Events and Halal Food around Campus. I will be continue doing these events and campaigns into the next academic year alongside other exciting events and get-togethers if I were elected.
What else will I achieve if I were to be elected?
Sisters Get-Together/Brothers Get-Together: 
From the start of term, I will have fortnightly get-togethers for brothers and sisters. This is an opportunity for people to make friends, possibly meet people on the same course, have snacks and just have a place to relax and hang out!
Charity Week 2023 Campaign:
As many of us know a devastating earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria recently. I helped setting up a project around university to collect donations for those who have been affected. It's had a very positive outcome and I believe we can give more to the community when we come together as one. Charity is one of the pillars of Islam, Zakat, and I believe giving charity correctly is important for both well-being of the needy as well as the ultimate happiness of the wealthy. Before the end of the year, I will plan a campaign, select a charity of choice and collect donations for them.
Discover Islam Week 2024:
I believe it is important to delve into history and learn how our religion has evolved over time up until now, the 21st century... it is important to showcase the beauty of the religion and explore what it means to be a Muslim. I strongly believe this week is essential for all students as it is an opportunity for the growth within all groups, for everyone to come together and spread awareness about Islam and Muslims and share their experiences throughout life. Working alongside our Muslim Chaplain, RSU and ISOC, I will bring you events and amazing activities throughout the week.
I will continue to work closely with the RSU, collaborate with PTOs, Societies and Muslim Chaplain to ensure student experience is the best! So, please consider voting for me between the 27th of Feb and the 3rd of March and allow me to continue to work as your Muslim Students’ Officer.