Candidate for the position of Mental Health Officer

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Jameel Karim Aumeer

A problem shared is a problem halved.

Hello everyone, My name is Jameel Aumeer and I'd like to be your next student mental health officer! I am currently in my second year, studying Psychology and Criminology on Whitelands where some of you may already know me as the Whitelands Deputy President. For 2023, I'd like to shift my focus to improving the university's mental health support systems and working with students to ensure we are all supported during our stressful times. We've all had bad experiences with our mental health I'm sure, but as your mental health officer, I promise to do my best to ensure that:

  1. Every student at Roehampton is supported in their mental wellbeing.
  2. Issues brought up by students are discussed at the Student Union Council until a resolution is found and shared.
  3. Events centered around Wellbeing and mental resilience will take place on campus to raise money/awareness for mental health charities/ services.
  4. The university becomes a kind and welcoming environment for all people, regardless of what's going on in your head.
  5. New, positive conversations about mental health are started to destigmatise mental illness and promote a "problem shared = problem halved" system.

If this sounds like what you'd like to see at Roehampton for 2022/2023 then make sure to vote for me in your next student election. Most importantly, remember to be kind to others and especially yourselves; everything gets better with time and care.