Candidate for the position of Digby Stuart College President

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Riley Burchell

Its time you feel safe, supported, and noticed.

My main aim as Digby president is to bring community to Digby college. As a member of the college for two years, the Digby community lacks togetherness and community and is outperformed by other colleges. My aim is to ensure that Digby is in contention with other colleges regarding events and overall community. I plan to do this through constant support of the heads of colleges whom I have created a strong relationship with this year. With their support and yours I am certain that we, as a community, can create a greater environment for all people to flourish.

As a member of Digby college, we have been subject to a lack of communication from the university and have been massively hit by funding cuts and fire alarms with nobody to answer our queries. I will work tirelessly as your Digby president to fight for what we deserve through pushing your questions in RSU meetings, through a monthly meet up where I will discuss the progress of your questions and what I am doing as your President. As a flat rep this year we implemented block meetings which were successful at first, however, over a long-term period, interest was lost due to lack of communication. I pledge for your issues to be listened to and acted on. I shall also reinstate Senior Flat reps which were a great tool in relaying information within the college.

Inclusivity is vital for our community to be successful. I will continue to implement inclusivity for example, in the college cup and other events, allowing everyone to access events within our spaces. Inclusivity will be at the centre of everything that I do.  I will also have a much greater focus than previous years ensuring that off campus students have greater opportunities within our college, therefore creating a stronger community within Digby Stuart. I will also be teaming up with leaders from a range of communities and backgrounds so everyone in our college can feel safe, supported, and noticed.

Something I am extremely passionate about is well-being and safety. I have experience in this field with my work being recognised with a Princess Diana award. I have also been the well-being officer for the university rugby team. I believe that everyone should feel safe in our community and Roehampton as a whole, It is vital that our college has the strength to speak up and the support to help each person with whatever needs they may have, I shall ensure that greater connections are created between the well-being team and Digby college. I struggled last year mentally with the changes that university brings; however, I have gained the support that I needed and cannot wait to share this. I also intend to make the university brighter when walking through Digby college allowing for members of our community to feel safe, pushing for lights to be fixed or replaced.

I hope to be your Digby president this year, contact me on with your questions