Candidate for the position of Froebel College Deputy President

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Aisling Blair Collins

Your college, Our Community!


My name is Aisling. I am currently a second year primary education student and I would like to be considered for the role of Froebel Deputy President. Throughout my time at Roehampton, I have been massively involved within the college life of Froebel. In the two years I have lived on Froebel college, I have worked alongside the Froebel team when being a Flat Rep to a group of first years. In my first year, my flat rep was the previous Froebel president, and this relationship allowed me to see how Froebel life worked from behind the scenes. This benefitted me as it introduced me to a wide range of people and events. These consisted of the Froebel formal dinner, Christmas dinner, Karaoke, varsity as well as the Froebel trip to Budapest that is coming up! These events present a captivating experience within the community of Froebel. 

My friends would describe me as having a fun, sociable, and outgoing personality which would assist with creating an immersive and inclusive community. As a result, I would like to present more events such as college nights and more social events that consist of the use of The Union Bar, Froebel Lawn and even Central London. In terms of developing life within Froebel, increasing engagement will help us all by creating a sense of togetherness and a feeling of belonging. This can help our community to actually feel like adults whilst embracing university life. 

Whilst representing Froebel, one of my focuses will be to develop a relationship with the other colleges to maintain a strong bond and community feel within the whole university. For example, the college cup helps new and continuing students learn that the university is built on an amazing community with students who enjoy representing their colleges and meeting new people.

Another proposal of mine consists of having and ensuring that a diverse range of social events are implemented such as sports days, non-drinking evening events, trips into central etc. This will mean that new traditions are being made whilst we keep many old traditions within Froebel alive. For example, keeping the Be@One nights flourishing as well as introducing central London trips and new on campus events will help improve our university life as we can integrate with other colleges, whilst also having time to solidify our Froebel community and relationships. 

One mission of mine will be to include off campus students equally as much as those who are on campus. This will only create a stronger and larger green army! We could do this by creating a ‘sticky campus’, which will mean our off campus family stay on this beautiful campus for all of the exciting events. 

To sum it up, we all know that we are part of a brilliant inclusive and social college. But together, we could make this an even better experience, for ourselves and new students. That is why I should be your next deputy president.