Candidate for the position of Froebel College President

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Simran Gill

An educated mind can teach many. learn today, lead tomorrow.


Froebel is a community where we thrive of succession off each other.... 

 Hi, my name is Simran, I'm a second year student studying Early years childhood studies and currently living in Froebel College 

Why Froebel president?

I am putting myself forward for the position of president because education and teaching have always been important to me. A passion, academia is more than just a place to learn.

Moving away from home and settling in Roehampton was the scariest thing I have ever experienced, but going into Froebel College has only brought comfort, joy, and optimism into my life. As a student, I have personally coped with a variety of hurdles. However, I had the good fortune to be guided during my time in Roehampton by the appropriate students. I am also conscious that not every student has had the same experiences, therefore I will try to make sure that every student has ongoing support, guidance, and a voice.

My roles at Roehampton

I currently hold a few positions at the university, including that of student, Flat Rep in Froebel College, Student Ambassador, and Race Equality Champion. Having the chance to do this has really increased my sense of connection to the college and to the other students. Becoming a flat rep has given me an open line of communication with the students about how they are feeling, which has developed in a positive relationship with the students. Working as a student ambassador has increased my knowledge of Individual College and Roehampton as a whole. Additionally, having the honour of serving as a race equality champion has fostered relationships with the faculty that will open wonderful opportunities and have a significant impact on people from all ethical backgrounds.

With all my experience, I have learned many morals and values that I have taken on from the individual roles that I play. This has helped me carry out my goals for the upcoming year, such as giving the community members a chance to socialise in events held inside and outside of the university to provide the best possible academic and social experience there.

The most important part of having to take the role, is to listen to the students and what they want and try to achieve every possible outcome.

Empowering the student voice 

Running for Froebel president is a way to ensure that every student's voice is heard above all else and that Froebel is more transparent so that students can express their opinions on improvements being made. educating the pupils about the significance of nearby facilities like the gym, library, and medical centre. raising awareness of RSU events to combat problems that harm student experiences and learning.

overall, if i get this honourable role as president, i will always put time and effort, making the simple changes, student voices heard and try to make Froebel a community where we live, we laugh, we learn , we grow and we succeed.