Candidate for the position of RSU President

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Amy Eleanor Hopkins

It's all about RS-YOU

I want to be your Roehampton Student Union President because over my three years at Roehampton I have loved meeting lots of new people and experiencing many different opportunities. I want to ensure this carries on for every student continuing and starting at the university. 

As your RSU President I will look to: 

  • Listen and promote the voices of all students to ensure they feel heard by the university
  • Improve student engagement across all activities offered at Roehampton - sports, societies, RSU events and other university events
  • Make sure there are equal opportunities for every student no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or background
  • Support students through the ongoing cost of living crisis 
  • Ensure every student who studies at Roehampton has the most valuable and memorable experience.

Whether you live on campus, are a commuting student, an undergraduate or post-graduate student, or an international student, we are lucky to have you here at Roehampton. I look forward to hopefully meeting you all one day and contributing to your experience. Our student body is growing in diversity constantly and that is something to proud of! Every student, no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or background, will be at the forefront of my mind in this role as it is your voice and your experience that I will be helping to be heard and lived. 

My time at Roehampton has been filled with nothing but amazing memories, laughs and meeting fabulous people. Everyone deserves to have the best experience at University, and I strongly believe if I was to be elected as your RSU President I could do this confidently.