Candidate for the position of Southlands College President

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Michela Spotti

- Listen, Act and Deliver for the good of all -

Dear fellow students,

My name is Michela Spotti, and I would love to be your new Southlands College President! 

I’m running for elections because I deeply love our college, Southlands, home of the business school and my home away from home. 


A little about myself: 

I’m a third-year marketing student who LOVES  marketing, strategy, and consumer behaviour. I had the opportunity to fuel my interests by working as College Community Leader for almost 2 years! You might have seen some social media posts or participated in some events, well there was some of me behind it! I’m a programme rep too where I try my best to ensure effective communication between academics and students.

I’ve run many events with other College Community Leaders, and the now college president Fahad Ahmed such as the Southlands International Festival, St. Valentine’s day meet up and “Pizza and Movie” nights! I’ve always wanted to propose something fun, enjoyable, and FREE! 


If I will be elected I intend to work on 4 main points: 


“Train me, I’ll flourish”

-> This project aims to provide students with more opportunities to get skills, certifications, and training, based on preferences and desires. I would work closely with the college to deliver those experiences. 

  • I intend to do this by running workshops, masterclasses with guests, competitions, and simulations. 



-> This campaign will be focused on collecting feedback from all of you each week, in this way you can express your college expectations, what is not going as you wish, and what we are doing well. From an issue with your flat to how we could improve social spaces, I’ll make sure you’ll be heard. 

  • I intend to do this by introducing a “Feedback box” and “Chat with the president” meetings every month. 


“Just wanna have fun” 

-> I aim to provide you with fun and engaging events; being a College Community Leader gave me the basis to be able to plan, organise and deliver successful events, and I cannot wait to have fun together. 

  • I intend to do this by working with the college members, ensuring funds and tailoring events and experiences according to your preferences. 


“Let me be kind”  

-> I believe that being kind to others is the best way to be happy and to make others happy. Every two weeks the college will celebrate a “kindness day” with themed activities and events. 

  • I intend to do this by collaborating with charities, schools, and societies to work together for the good of all. 


If this sounds great to you, then please remember to go out and vote for me!




If you have any questions or concerns, please send me an email at I would love to have a chat with you.


All the best.