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Candidate for the position of Asian and Minority Ethnicity Students' Officer

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Giridhar Raghunathan

Vote Giri, we will help reach your goal.

Hello everyone,

As an Asian and Minority Ethnicity student at our university, I am committed to provide a voice for and represent fellow Asian and Minority Ethnicity students and work towards our overall inclusion, support, and wellbeing at the university.

My name is Giridhar (Giri) Raghunathan. I am a second year PhD student in Dance and the Digby Stuart College warden. I worked as a Visiting Lecturer at our university last year. I was selected for the UR Leaders and BAME mentoring programme at our university, both of which I successfully completed in 2019 and 2020, respectively. I have also completed a Mental Health First Aid training certificate from our university.    

Being a minority ethnicity student born and raised in India, I have personally experienced being a student in both India and the UK. I have lived in three continents – Asia, North America and Europe and have worked with people from different ethnicities and minority communities. This has steered my PhD research towards examining the performance of gender and sexuality by queer male bharatanatyam dancers (bharatanatyam is a traditional Indian dance form). I envision my research study, practice, and interaction as a humble attempt towards fostering diversity and inclusion and decolonising global dance scholarship.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each one of us and its impact has been profound on the BAME community. As Asian and Minority Ethnic students, our studies, life, and overall wellbeing has been affected due to the pandemic. At this time, I believe that a representation is needed for our community within our university to make our needs and grievances heard and helped with. I promise to be that representative through my role as the Asian and Minority Ethnicity students’ officer.  Whether you are living on/off campus whilst studying in different domains, I am here for you all no matter what your circumstances. I plan to focus my projects on the academic success and emotional wellness of our community during my term.

I thank you and count on your support!